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*** Understanding Thyroid Lab Tests by Kenneth N. Woliner, M.D., A.B.F.P. — www.thyroid-info.com/articles/woliner.htm

Factors that Affect Thyroid FunctionThyroid Diagram IFM 2012.pdf

Radiographic Iodinated Contrast Media Causes Thyroid Dysfunctionwww.doctorsaputo.com/a/radiographic-iodinated-contrast-media-causes-thyroid-dysfunction

A chart comparing symptoms of adrenal and thyroid problemswww.drrind.com/therapies/metabolic-symptoms-matrix [See: ADRENAL FAILURE]

Great explanation on video: — www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1kIQ61zCtQ

Thyroid — thyroid.about.com/od/symptomsrisks/a/All-About-Goitrogens-thyroid.htm?nl=1

10 Things To Know About Thyroid Disease Foods — thyroid.about.com/od/thyroidbasicsthyroid101/a/10-Things-To-Know-About-Thyroid-Disease-Foods-And-Drinks.htm?nl=1

10 Things To Know About Thyroid Disease And Fatigue — thyroid.about.com/od/thyroidbasicsthyroid101/a/10-Things-To-Know-About-Thyroid-Disease-And-Fatigue.htm

"The Thyroflex test measures the amount of thyroid in your muscles and tissues and is among the best predictors of low thyroid, an important hormone that regulates weight. It is very difficult to impossible to maintain a healthy weight with low thyroid! This test is also non-invasive (no needles, etc.) and fast (under 5 minutes)." [Compare: — The Unreliable TSH Lab Test by Jeffrey Dach, MD and 2 recommended books: "Your Thyroid and How to Keep It Healthy," by Barry Durrant Peatfield, and "Hypothyroidism the Unsuspected Illness," by Broda Barnes MD]

Video | Thyroid: The Untold Story by Dr. Patrick Flynn — www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EvszVqSbFo&feature=youtu.be

10 foods that affect thyroid health — www.livingthenourishedlife.com/2010/01/10-foods-that-affect-thyroid-health-for

A 7-Step Plan To Boost Your Low Thyroid And Metabolism, Mark Hyman, MD — www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mark-hyman/a-7-step-plan-to-boost-yo_b_247369.html

Gluten - thyroid connection — chriskresser.com/the-gluten-thyroid-connection

Thyroidbook — thyroidbook.com/blog/page/13/

Thyroid dysfunction and mental illness — www.holtorfmed.com/blog/the-link-between-thyroid-dysfunction-and-mental-illness/

Using T3 to recover thyroid function — recoveringwitht3.com/

Thyroid scale matrix — www.drrind.com/therapies/thyroid-scale-matrix

Thyroid - Mary Shomon MP3 audio — cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011268/shomon060513.mp3

Thyroid and your gut — chriskresser.com/the-thyroid-gut-connection

T3 for thyroid function— hypothyroidmom.com/the-thyroid-worlds-queen-t3/#more-3773

TSH - thyrotropin conversion - T4 / T3 — recoveringwitht3.com/blog/effect-tsh-thyrotropin-conversion-t4-t3

Set-point theory — us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=ff7603af645871cfa1d528e48&id=ce4e8baebe&e=bee260c8fd

Long term weight loss — www.huffingtonpost.com/kent-holtorf/long-term-weight-loss---m_b_192933.html?show_comment_id=24291950#comment_24291950

T4 - levothyroxine & hypothyroidism — thyroid.about.com/b/2010/05/17/t3-superior-t4-levothyroxine-hypothyroidism-thyroid.htm

Thyroid related conditions — thyroid.about.com/od/relatedconditions1/a/winterize.htm

Thyroid problems: What most doctors miss — www.thewellnesswayclinics.com/thyroid-problems-what-most-doctors-miss


Hashimotos: What Is Going On With The Immune System? — www.hashimotoshealing.com/hashimotos-is-an-autoimmune-disease-so-what-is-going-on-with-my-immune-system/

Hashimotos - when your body destroys itself — hypothyroidmom.com/hashimotos-your-body-is-not-supposed-to-destroy-itself-right/

PCOS and hashimotos thyroiditis — www.pcosdiva.com/2013/07/pcos-and-hashimotos-thyroiditis/ [See: Dr. Nancy Dunne — www.drnandunne.com/?p=1808 for PCOS treatment]

Hashimotos thyroiditis — hypothyroidmom.com/hashimotos-thyroiditis-its-a-genetics-thing/

Hashimotos disease — outsmartdisease.com/how-to-stop-autoimmune-attack-on-your-thyroid-and-recover-from-hashimotos-disease/

Hashimotos disease - immune balancing — chriskresser.com/basics-of-immune-balancing-for-hashimotos

Hashimotos disease and the liver — www.hashimotoshealing.com/hashimotos-the-liver-and-the-thyroid-an-important-relationship/

Hashimotos thyroiditis — hypothyroidmom.com/hashimotos-thyroiditis-lifestyle-interventions-for-finding-and-treating-the-root-cause/

Hashimotos disease — www.holtorfmed.com/hashimotos-disease/

Hashimotos Disease, Digestion, Mineral and Vitamin Depletions — www.thyroidpharmacist.com/uploads/1/4/7/1/14712146/sample_chapter.pdf

"Antioxidants include vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene (vitamin A precursor), and the minerals selenium and manganese. ... For example, vitamin C becomes an antioxidant at doses above 600 mg, while the RDA is only 60 mg, one tenth of that. While 60 mg will prevent scurvy, it will not prevent free radical damage. Vitamin E is an antioxidant at a dose of 200 mg-400 mg (RDA is 10 mg), and selenium should be taken at a dose of 200 mcg-400 mcg for those with Hashimoto's (RDA is 70 mcg). Vitamins C and E can be found in many food sources, but supplementation may also be helpful. Vitamin A, however, when taken as a supplement, can be toxic in excessive amounts, and should only be taken from food sources.
... selenium deficiency has also been recognized as a risk factor for Hashimoto's.
The co-occurrence of Hashimoto's and celiac has been clearly established.
" [See: GLUTEN below]

Hashimotos thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause — www.thyroidpharmacist.com/uploads/1/4/7/1/14712146/thyroid_diet_quick_start_guide.pdf "Everyone with Hashimoto's should eliminate gluten for two weeks to see if they see an improvement in symptoms."

Sub-Clinical Hyperthyroid — Adrenal DysfunctionT3, rT3 and T4.docx

Thyroid Patients: Do You Need T3 in Natural Form? — thyroid.about.com/od/hypothyroidismhashimotos/a/Thyroid-Patients-Do-You-Need-T3-Natural-Desiccated-Thyroid.htm


*** Examines the dysfunctional standard TSH Lab test - Are All Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia Patients Low Thyroid? "In fact, standard thyroid tests fail to detect tissue hypothyroidism 80-90% of the time in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia." &mdash: www.holtorfmed.com/index.php?section=downloads&file_id=55 and Thyroid Dysfunction — www.drdavidmarquis.com/thyroid.shtml

*** 5 Thyroid Patterns That Won't Show Up On Standard Lab Tests — chriskresser.com/5-thyroid-patterns-that-wont-show-up-on-standard-lab-tests

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism — thyroid.about.com/cs/hypothyroidism/a/hypoandhyper.htm

300 hypothyroidism symptoms — hypothyroidmom.com/300-hypothyroidism-symptoms-yes-really/

Hypothyroid Symptoms — www.tuberose.com/HypothyroidSymptoms.html

Hypothyroid and pregnancy — hypothyroidmom.com/hypothyroid-moms-story-of-hope-her-miracle-babies/

Hypothyroidism and other hormone problems — www.draxe.com/8-secrets-to-cure-hypothyroidism-and-other-hormone-problems/

Hypothyroidism and measuring thyroid function — us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=ff7603af645871cfa1d528e48&id=ce4e8baebe&e=bee260c8fd

Is Your Drinking Water Putting You at Risk of Hypothyroidism? — hypothyroidmom.com/is-your-drinking-water-putting-you-at-risk-of-hypothyroidism/

Thyroid Treatment

Thyroid Medication Conversion Chart - Forest Laboratories, Inc. — www.nature-throid.com/images/RLC_ConversionChart.pdf

ReverseT3 - triiodothyronine-RT3 — thyroid.about.com/od/t3treatment/a/Reverse-T3-triiodothyronine-RT3-Thyroid.htm

Free T3 — thyroid.about.com/cs/testsforthyroid/a/freet3.htm

The battle for medicine's soul: A century of alternative remedies — www.salon.com/2014/01/19/the_battle_for_medicines_soul_a_century_of_alternative_remedies/

Dr. Mark Starr - information on Type 2 Hypothyroidism docs.google.com/a/kuehmichel.us/document/pub?id=1Y2hS7WxS2gU4yXCjuYx84AY60tQc2rGXnTPPWqogOfk

Lots of site links : — hypothyroidmom.com/weight-loss-tips-for-hypothyroid-moms/

Looking beyond the numbers - treat the patient — www.thyroidchange.org/2/post/2014/01/are-we-treating-a-lab-test-or-the-patient-useful-thyroid-tests-and-the-importance-of-looking-beyond-the-numbers.html

Hypothyroidism and depression — hypothyroidmom.com/the-truth-about-hypothyroidism-and-depression/

Is Your Thyroid making you fat? — www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXR0zYngcCE&feature=youtu.be

Adaptogen Herbs To Heal Your Thyroid and Boost Metabolism, Dr. Josh Axe — www.saragottfriedmd.com/adaptogen-herbs-to-heal-your-thyroid-and-boost-metabolism/

Thyroid hormones & cardiovascular function — www.hormonesmatter.com/thyroid-hormones-cardiovascular-function/

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