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[See also: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and GLUTEN]

*** HLA/DR DQ testing for MHC II proteins that point to Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome from biotoxins ***www.drdaveou.com/blog/?p=406

"In the vast majority of my patients, I check a genetic test called an HLA DR/DQ from Labcorp (test #012542). I learned about this test from Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker. This gene is located on chromosome number 6 and it encodes a protein called an MHC Class II protein. Each person has two copies: one from the father and one from the mother. This test tells me if a person is susceptible to biotoxin illnesses and I've found that 98% of my patients are."

"To give some background on this gene, when the immune system first encounters a foreign object such as a bacteria, the first immune cells to arrive on the scene are called APCs (Antigen Presenting Cells). The APC “eats” the foreign object then attaches it to a MHC Class II protein. It's like taking a piece of the bacteria and and putting it in a picture frame. The APC then moves the foreign object and the MHC protein (the picture frame) to the surface of the cell so that the rest of the immune system (specifically T- cells) can study and learn how to defend against the foreign object. The APC essentially tells the rest of the immune system, “Look what I found! I put it in a picture frame!”"

"About 25% of the world's population have one of the 10 susceptible types of HLA DR/DQ gene. As of Nov 27, 2012 in my practice, I have tested 227 patients. Out of those 227 patients, 222 have one of the 10 types. That's an astounding 98% of all of my patients who are vulnerable to the biotoxins from indoor mold and Lyme! Another way of putting it is nearly all of my patients come from only 25% of the population. ... Unfortunately, there are only several hundred doctors in the world who are aware of this gene." Dr. Dave Ou

Where to Order MTHFR Testswww.homeopathyforwomen.org/MTHFR.htm#Order_MTHFR_Tests_

After receiving my gene results — www.facebook.com/notes/livewello/what-should-i-do-after-receiving-my-23andme-gene-results/693154537362437

List of auto-immune diseases with the associated geneswww.eupedia.com/genetics/autoimmune_diseases_snp.shtml [This website helps you understand your testing results.]

*** Autoimmune Disease Checklist: A Handy List of Symptoms That Can Point to Possible Autoimmune Conditions, to Bring to the Doctorwww.thyroid-info.com/articles/autoimmune-checklist.htm

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease: Relationship Among These Conditions — thyroid.about.com/cs/fibromyalgiacfs/a/cfsfibrothyroid.htm

LAB testing and reportswww.knowyourgenetics.com/ From Dr. Amy Yasko - a way to plug into the website "23 & Me" results and get a 50 page report on what supplements to take.

Consider these LAB TESTS in conjunction with MTHFR diagnosis [See: ***LAB TESTS INCLUDE, LAB TESTS & RESULTS, and CONFOUNDING FACTORS ***]

Glutamate, Gaba and Lithium uses in Simplified Roadmap to Healthwww.scribd.com/doc/132017201/Dr-Amy-s-Simplified-Road-Map-to-Health
Lithium not only plays a role in mood, glutamate control and limiting aggression, but also has been shown to be involved in B12 transport.

"Dr. Yasko highly suggests running a hair metal test (HMT), and/or blood lithium test along with a urine essential element test (UEE) to assess the lithium level in the system. If lithium levels are low in hair and blood or urine, or if very high level lithium excretion (in the absence of support is seen in urine) consider additional lithium supplementation with your doctor before moving on to B12 support. Sources of lithium support can include Be Calm Spray, low dose lithium orotate, and the new upcoming general vitamin called "All in One." The level of support needed should be determined by a combination of running biochemical tests (UEE, HMT, blood lithium) as well as consultation with your health care provider."

The Methylation Protocol for ME/CFSwww.prohealth.com/library/showarticle.cfm?libid=17178, Consider These Laboratory Testsmthfr.net/mthfr-mutation-consider-these-laboratory-tests/2012/01/02/ and Yasko's Comprehensive Methylation Panel (use — 23andme.com for testing) — www.mthfrsupport.com/yaskos-comprehensive-methylation-panel-or-23andme/

*** Lab Requisition and Symptom List — www.endfatigue.com/resources/lab_req_form_online.html for CFS & Fibromyalgia


"Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells in the body. It is the gatekeeper of fat metabolism, monitoring how much energy a person takes in. Leptin acts to maintain energy balance in the body by regulating metabolism and hunger. The level of leptin circulating in your body is directly proportional to the total amount of fat you have." http://www.lef.org/Vitamins-Supplements/ItemLC146712/Leptin-Blood-Test.html

*** THE LEPTIN FACTOR: [subheading:] Obesity and Leptin: A Primer by Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D. on — THE LEPTIN FACTOR.docx

"Biochemically we can also assess it with a test called a reverse T3 level. This is rarely ordered because many medical doctors don't know about the test and because it is often not covered by insurance. Reverse T3 is a competitive inhibitor to T3 and T4. Those are your thyroid hormones. So yes, leptin resistance completely turns off your thyroid gland!"

"Weight-loss is actually about hormones (such as insulin and leptin) . . . and specifically about defeating the "resistance" to the effect those hormones normally produce. It is hormone mechanisms gone awry that cause us to become fat, prevent us from losing much fat when we try, and make us gain weight - even when strictly observing the same "lower total-calorie diets" being eaten by those without hormone abnormalities! ... [Most fail to] understand that being overweight or obese is primarily a result of the patient's own unique biochemistry (that is, of the multiple interactions of his or her fat-regulating hormones) . . . and not a result of overeating or refusal to exercise."

"Leptin levels are tested by a sensitive process called an (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) ELISA test. Antibodies to the hormone are coupled with an enzyme that will change color if leptin is present in the blood being tested. It is possible to determine the precise amount of the compound being measured with this process. The leptin levels in women range from 3.9 to 30 ng/ml of blood, while those of men are lower at 0.5-12.7 ng/ml." www.wisegeek.com/how-do-i-test-leptin-levels.htm

Test ID: IGE Immunoglobulin E (IgE), Serum in detail — https://www.mayomedicallaboratories.com/test-catalog/Clinical+and+Interpretive/8159
"Elevated concentrations of IgE are generally thought of in the context of allergic disease. However, increases in the amount of circulating IgE can also be found in various other diseases, including primary immunodeficiencies, infections, inflammatory diseases, and malignancies. Total IgE measurements have limited utility for diagnostic evaluation of patients with suspected allergic disease, except for allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA). ABPA is a hypersensitivity reaction against the fungi Aspergillus that occurs most frequently in patients with asthma or cystic fibrosis. An elevation of total IgE is part of the diagnostic criteria for ABPA, although the specific diagnostic concentration is dependent on certain patient characteristics."

Leptin - A Novel Link Between Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Risk, and Ventricular Hypertrophycirc.ahajournals.org/content/108/6/644.full.pdf+html, pg 644-646 and *** "Chapter one on leptin ..." — www.jackkruse.com/chapter-one-on-leptin/

"Cardiac CRP is the best biomarker we have that is both sensitive and specific for the cellular markers of inflammation we worry about most namely, TNF alpha, IL6 and NF kappa beta. Fat cells specifically raise TNF alpha and IL 6 in great quantities when fat is abundant or in the visceral compartment (leptin resistance). It winds up in the visceral compartment because of hepatic (liver) leptin resistance. It's our signal that your cells are on FIRE!"


Medication information and side affects in detail — www.rxlist.com/

The Methylation Protocol for ME/CFSwww.prohealth.com/library/showarticle.cfm?libid=17178

Chronic Lyme Disease: Myth or Reality? by Mehmet Oz, MD — www.oprah.com/health/Dr-Oz-Treating-Lyme-Disease "Taking vitamin B12, coenzyme Q10, chromium, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, and herbs such as Rhodiola rosea can improve energy and help with cellular repair—all key in recovering from conditions that can be as resistant as Lyme disease."

Treatment of patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and elevated levels of the anaphylatoxin C4a, an inflammatory product of activation of the complement cascade, using epo lowers C4a and reduces neurocognitive symptoms. — www.biotoxin.info/images/IACFS_MRspectroscopy.pdf

*** [See: CONFOUNDING FACTORS for treating Pulmonary Hypertension patients with SOB with activity]



Medications that could be dangerous to someone with MTHFR — myjourneywithmthfr.wordpress.com/2013/04/28/medications-that-could-be-dangerous-to-someone-with-mthfr/ and G6PD Deficiency Connection — www.mthfrsupport.com/what-floxies-should-be-aware-of/

Drugs to Avoid with MTHFR — www.homeopathyforwomen.org/MTHFR.htm#Drugs_to_Avoid_with_MTHFR_

Antibiotic iatrogenic disorder: Fluoroquinolone toxicity symptoms in a patient presenting with low back pain — https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3981197/

IDENTIFY INDIVIDUALS WHO MAY EXPERIENCE INTOLERANCE TO ANTIFOLATE MEDICATIONS www.aruplab.com/Testing-Information/resources/TechnicalBulletins/Methylenetetrahydrofolate%20Reductase%20(MTHFR)%202%20Mutations.pdf

*** Nitrous Oxide, MTHFR and Trouble — mthfr.net/nitrous-oxide-mthfr-trouble/2015/02/06/ [Those with impaired meythlation, MTHFR alleles (C667T+/+ or +/-, or a combination of the C677T + A1298C, or A1298C+/+), should AVOID Medical and Dental use of nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas), if at all possible.]

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