Objective Truth

Brian Kuehmichel
July 28, 2003, Updated Feb. 2013

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"A spirit of license makes a man refuse to commit himself to any standards. The right time is the way he sets his watch. The yardstick has the number of inches that he wills it to have. Liberty becomes license, and unbounded license leads to unbounded tyranny. When society reaches this stage, and there is no standard of right and wrong outside of the individual himself, then the individual is defenseless against the onslaught of cruder and more violent men who proclaim their own subjective sense of values. Once my idea of morality is just as good as your idea of morality, then the morality that is going to prevail is the morality that is stronger." Fulton J. Sheen, On Being Human: Reflections on Life and Living

Objective Truth

Christians believe that objective truth can be clearly conveyed and understood using words. Each word must have an objective meaning (See also: Response to: Truth is Subjective) and transfer to the recipient some precise concept or information. We understand that language came from our Creator because all men have a similar complexity in their diverse languages and convey the same range of human concepts. Inherently all language has truth as its basis and God Himself is the reference or standard of all Truth. (See also: Ultimate Truth) Otherwise communication has no valid meaning. When God said He created, that is expressly what He means. When He said that what He created was good, and humans made in His image were very good, that is also completely true. When God says, we, His creatures have sinned He means we have disobeyed His absolute standard. See: Evidence for Genesis as literal

"The eternal destiny of our souls rests upon our ability to understand words like "God," "Jesus," "sin," and "forgiveness." Moreover, we believe in a doctrine called perspicuity, which means that the Bible is understandable, that its sentences can be read and properly interpreted, and that every word, every expression came from the Lord, and has an objective and definable meaning."

"A brief study on the two-thousand year history of the Church will reveal that no century has been free from the blood of martyrs who chose death rather than participation in Satanically- inspired schemes to minimize or redefine the objective meaning of Scriptural revelation."

Quoted from"A God-hating Bible" Doug Phillips and The Vision Forum, Inc. at: http://www.gatewaycathedral.org/The_Gateway/2002/gw02_2002/AGHB.htm

The great importance of determining the truth of the Bible and its' claims is stated very well by Arthur W. Pink in his 1917 book "The Divine Inspiration of the Bible":

"A book that claims to be a Divine revelation. . . cannot be rejected or even neglected without grave peril to the soul. True wisdom cannot refuse to examine it with care and impartiality. If the claims of the Bible be well founded then the prayerful and diligent study of the Scriptures becomes of paramount importance: they have a claim upon our notice and time which nothing else has, and beside them everything in this world loses its luster and sinks into utter insignificance. If the Bible be the Word of God then it infinitely transcends in value all the writings of men, and in exact ratio to its immeasurable superiority to human productions such is our responsibility and duty to give it the most reverent and serious consideration."

"If the Bible is the Word of God; if it stands on an infinitely exalted plane, all alone; if it immeasurably transcends all the greatest productions of human genius; then, we should naturally expect to find that it has unique credentials, that there are internal marks which prove it to be the handiwork of God, that there is conclusive evidence to show that its author is superhuman, Divine."

B.C. Goodpasture, the distinguished editor of the Gospel Advocate for almost forty years (1939-1977), gives an apt summary of the Bible:

"The nature and contents of the Bible are such that the rank and file of its readers in all generations have recognized God as its author. Man would not have written such a book, if he could; and could not, if he would. It moves on a superhuman plane in design, in nature, and in teaching. It caters not to worldly desire and ambition. It condemns much which men in the flesh highly prize, and commends much which they despise. Its thought are not the thoughts of men." (1970, p. 54)

Bert Thompson, Ph.D. writes in his article In Defense Of...The Bible's Inspiration

"If a person cannot know that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, then he cannot know that Jesus is God's Son, for the Bible provides the evidentiary basis for such a claim. If a person cannot know that Christ is God's Son, then he cannot know if he is saved."


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