The Twelve Biggest Lies - #1.

Lie #1. There is no such thing as absolute truth.

— because truth has consequences —

Brian Kuehmichel
March 6, 2012

Eternity's largest battle is not between good and evil, but between truth and lies!

Lie #1: There is no such thing as absolute truth.

Mankind builds its base of knowledge in science, chemistry, physics, medicine, accounting, business, education, and many other facets of life upon one very important foundation. That foundation is truth. The basis for all communication whether in relationships of barter, business, friends, family or marriage is truth. Thus truth is understood to be knowable and by searching can be found.

Truth is knowable, objective, learnable, certain, unchanging, enduring, transcendant — a spiritual reality. It is above, outside of, binding upon and separate from man. Mankind only discovers what is already there and though men may not like what they find they are powerless to change it. Doubting, denial, wishful thinking and rage against truth has no effect upon it. Truth stands sure, firm, unyeilding, and unbendable before all assailants. Men will break themselves upon truth, ruin their own lives, destroy others by denying it but never remove truth — for God's word is truth and He upholds it by the word of His power. John 17:17, Hebrews 1:3

Knowing and living by truth will set you free. It can change the hearts of men and make for beneficial and productive lives. Here are some truths that men live under even if they deny them:

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