Evolution Warning

***** WARNING: Every school textbook needs these and additional warnings! *****

WARNING: The Miller-Urey experiment probably did not simulate the earth's early atmosphere, and it does not explain the origin of life.

WARNING: Darwin's universal tree of life is inconsistent with the fossil record of the Cambrian explosion and with recent molecular evidence.

WARNING: If homology is defined as similarity due to common ancestry, it cannot be used as evidence for common ancestry; its causes are unknown.

WARNING: These pictures make vertebrate embryos look more similar than they really are; in their earliest stages they are quite different.

WARNING: These finches did not inspire Darwin with the idea of evolution, and the effects of natural selection on their beaks produced no long-term change.

WARNING: The supposed dinosaur ancestors of Archaeopteryx appeared long after it, and modern birds are probably not descended from it.

WARNING: Peppered moths do not rest on tree trunks in the wild; Kettlewell's experiments were flawed, and these photos were staged.

WARNING: Four-winged fruit flies must be artificially bred, and their extra wings are useless; these mutations are not raw materials for evolution.

WARNING: The subject of human origins is very controversial, and most claims rest on little evidence; drawings of "ancestors" are hypothetical.

WARNING: Evidence from fossil horses does not justify the claim that evolution was undirected, which is philosophical rather than empirical.

For a short video on some of the most basic problems with abiogenesis see: video.

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